The Arcane

The arts known as “magic” were once an important driving force in humanity’s history. As science rose to prominence, belief wavered and eventually, the arcane became little more than a curiosity.

While capitalism has ensured a healthy trade in so-called magic, mostly due to New Age and neo-Druidic populations in major cities, few are aware of the continued existence of magic as something very real. Those who are aware of it know that with the right implements and years of practice, one can achieve incredible things.

The trouble with such undertakings is that those who do practice the arts are working against the times. Science is the new God, and rationalism the new religion. Spells which could have been worked easily centuries ago are now difficult propositions.

And, of course, the use of such hidden arts can attract attention from those who are themselves fading from the world, those who once flourished alongside a healthy belief in the supernatural. Worse, attempts to bend the world to one’s will can sometimes have unpredictable, and often (messily) fatal consequences.

In Game Terms magic works much the same as in Palladium’s basic system. Spells cost PPE to cast, which regenerates over time. Only Arcanists can cast spells. Most spells require particular components to cast, and can only be effected through rituals of varying complexity. Magic combat is possible, but very unlikely due to the negative effects and difficulty of “no-prep” spellcasting. More information to come.


The Arcane

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