Psychic Abilities

Sometimes known as psionics, the hidden powers of the mind are inexplicable even to modern science. These gifts are not like those of magic – they cannot be learned, only inherited. While each sees these gifts differently, some things are known about them.

First, such abilities seem to be something of a defense mechanism. Perhaps humanity, before it developed magic and then technology, required a defense against the ancient evils it encountered as it struggled for supremacy on the Earth.

In Game Terms this means that psychic powers are not as powerful as they might be in a setting like Rifts. Most psychics specialize in a particular aspect (sensitive, physical, etc.) and have a very low amount of Inner Strength Points (ISP). These points “jump” in the presence of supernatual evil. That is, when faced with a threat of this type, the character’s ISP reserves are multiplied, giving him or her access to more flamboyant and dangerous powers. This also explains why psychics have such a dismal success rate at reproducing their powers under laboratory conditions.


Psychic Abilities

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