Hi everyone. Here are some notes of interest on the system and campaign. You should read these before rolling your character. These will be updated periodically.

Updated January 31-09

1. This is a modern-day setting. Thus, most characters will be both literate and fluent in their native language unless there is reason otherwise. Likewise, most people will know basic mathematics. Other than that, skills like Computer Operation have to be purchased like any other. ADDENDUM: This is, thankfully, a rule in BTS2. Everyone gets Basic Math, Literacy, and Language. If you’re a highly-skilled occupation, you get a bonus of +4% to Language/Literacy, and +10% to Basic Math.

2. Boxing no longer makes you faster with firearms. You will receive the additional attack only when actually using fisticuffs.

3. Guns and knives kill. These weapons (and other similarly lethal attacks) do half damage direct to hit points. As well, you’d better deal with any bleeding you happen to develop. When you lose half or more of your HP, you will continue to lose an additional HP every minute. As usual, falling below 0 HP lands you in a coma.

4. P.P. Bonuses DO apply to modern weapons, which is a change from the regular rules. Hand to Hand bonuses still do not apply.



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