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Welcome to The Disenchanted World.

What is this?

The Disenchanted World is a Beyond the Supernatural 2nd edition campaign (disregard the “Rifts” tag under the title, it is the only Palladium system currently available to tag). Obsidian Portal is a wiki-based platform that allows easy campaign organization.

To Players:

You should start off reading the Notes for some important information on the setting and rules. Feel free to browse around to get a better feel for the world and other characters. Everything you can see here is acceptable to read—all the spoilers are only visible to the GM.


Palladium is a notoriously “DIY” system in terms of how groups handle the issues with the rules. We’ll be using the Beyond the Supernatual 2nd edition book for the most part, with some material from the first edition. Most rules are identical to Rifts (skills, combat, etc.) with some exceptions found here, under “Notes”.

Notes – House Rulings and other errata which you should be familiar with.

The World

The Arcane – Conjurers of cheap tricks.

Psychic Abilities – Information on the well-kept secret of the powers of the mind.

Main Page

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